Fun with Red

Just look at what I woke up to this morning.  It's the end  of March Break and this is so typical of the type of surprise we can expect.  During my years of teaching, whenever I planned a getaway for March Break I could count on a snow storm as I was leaving or on my return.  .2017 hasn't disappointed even though I'm retired I still worry about the poor folks trying to get away or return on time.  Today is a perfect day to just stay inside and keep on sewing.

This week I feel so much better about what I've accomplished.  I started with these little nine patches;

then added the hourglass blocks.

I just had to see how they would all work together with the previous two month's colours.

Now I had a mess of scraps on my cutting table from some previous projects and rather than sorting them into their bins I decided to sew up some Little Monkeys.

Notice the red and white and teal and white - these were left over from the 9 patches and put to good use in the Little Monkeys.  

There were still a few bits left over so I made this little improv piece too.

I'm working on some beading on this piece and will share the final results.  This little piece just says, "Joy" to me.  

And now I'll be hopping over to soscrappy to see what red gems others have created this week.


A snowy saturday is a great day to stay inside and stitch on your pretty projects :)
Quiltdivajulie said…
Lovely nine patches! And fun monkeys and improv piece. Stay warm and dry.
The nine patches are building up in to a lovely quilt.
Mari said…
The 9 patches are going to make a beautiful quilt. And you're right about spring break--it's been a lousy week here!
Cathy said…
I love little nine patch blocks. They are so versatile and fun. It's amazing what shows up in a little square of fabric sometimes.

I love Little Monkeys too. I've been sleeping under my Little Monkey quilt I made several years ago as a RSC project. It's so colorful and cheery when it's dreary outside.
Kathy S. said…
Love those tiny nine-patch blocks! I'm working on some too.
Edith said…
Nice, great use of your scraps, I really like the look of those little nine-patches and hour-glass blocks altogether.
Over the years, the weather here has often been bad during Spring Break, and I feel sorry for the kids, but not this year! We've had 70s and 80s - unusual for Colorado in March. The quilt you're making with the 9 patches and hourglass blocks is going to be wonderful, Nell! And, of course, I love the monkey blocks. Mine have been tucked away for awhile; it's time to get them back out!
What a productive week you had!! Lots of RED scraps used for your RSC blocks. Enjoy Worldwide Quilting Day!!
Ariane said…
Your little nine patch blocks are adorable. Those little monkey blocks are a great way to use up those scraps. Your doing great! I can't wait for spring to be here. I hate when the weather is so unpredictable.
PaulaB quilts said…
A very productive week for you, Nell. Love the little monkeys using the scraps. The improv piece really does have those dancers and images of joy. Beading will certainly enhance that with some sparkle. Have a fun week!
Cathy said…
Your little nine-patch blocks win the Cute Award today! And they are already playing so well together!! I hope you enjoyed your sewing day inside today. Here is Salt Lake, that is pretty much what our March weather is like, but this year we are up into the seventies. So odd. And I'm sure we'll pay for it when the rest of the country finally gets spring!
claudia said…
Are you saying you are ready for Spring??? I certainly am!
Your blocks are so perfect! I love the reds you have to use, it's a good red! You are good, you did some extra sewing. I love your Little Monkeys and I have yet to start anything improv.
Vicki in MN said…
Your nine patches are wonderful, so glad you took the time to lay out all the colors together!
gayle said…
I always love nine patches, and those gorgeous monkeys made me grin ear to ear!
Kate said…
Love the 9 patches with the hourglass blocks. Very fun little Monkey blocks too. You did a lot of scrappy work last week.
Cathy Tomm said…
Great little nine patches. The monkey blocks are cute too.
Rachel said…
I love all your little nine patches together. How big are the squares? They look great!

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