Friday, 31 March 2017

A Wild Start to April

I am trusting that Angela's choice of multicoloured fabric is not an April Fool's prank because I'm quite excited about being able to use some of the multicoloured scraps I have lying around.  But before I get into April, here's how I finished up March's red.

I finished up the seagreen blocks and three of the red blocks (the final two are just placed but not stitched.)  I don't know what I will do for multicoloured, perhaps some stripes where each block will end up being quite different. I can't use anything with a black background or the illusion of tumbling  blocks  won't work.

Here's the first multicoloured scrap I selected.  The fabric was used for borders in a child's quilt and there was a small section left over.  Don't you just love these wild kitties?

These will definitely add a fun punch to the H-blocks.  Take a look.

Linking up with Angela at soscrappy and looking forward to seeing what multicoloured scraps you've taken out to play.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Week Four in Red

A busy week so very little sewing going on.  I managed to finish the Cracker Blocks in red.

It was a tough go finding enough variety in the red.  There is little as I only found 4 different scrappy bits with enough fabric to make the blocks.  I think they will play well with the other blocks.

One  of the red fabrics has a bit of purple and one of the green cracker blocks has a touch of red.  The photo is a little heavy on the red but you get the idea of how the three colours will work together. Wonder what colour is coming up in April.  I wouldn't mind a sunny yellow.  It would sure help to lift the spirits considering the rainy days we're having.  

Linking in to soscrappy and stopping by to see what others have completed this week.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Fun with Red

Just look at what I woke up to this morning.  It's the end  of March Break and this is so typical of the type of surprise we can expect.  During my years of teaching, whenever I planned a getaway for March Break I could count on a snow storm as I was leaving or on my return.  .2017 hasn't disappointed even though I'm retired I still worry about the poor folks trying to get away or return on time.  Today is a perfect day to just stay inside and keep on sewing.

This week I feel so much better about what I've accomplished.  I started with these little nine patches;

then added the hourglass blocks.

I just had to see how they would all work together with the previous two month's colours.

Now I had a mess of scraps on my cutting table from some previous projects and rather than sorting them into their bins I decided to sew up some Little Monkeys.

Notice the red and white and teal and white - these were left over from the 9 patches and put to good use in the Little Monkeys.  

There were still a few bits left over so I made this little improv piece too.

I'm working on some beading on this piece and will share the final results.  This little piece just says, "Joy" to me.  

And now I'll be hopping over to soscrappy to see what red gems others have created this week.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

I'm Seeing Red

Well I'm late with my post.  Spent the better part of 6 hours in emergency with my sister.  She's come down with a nasty case of shingles - doesn't look like much but the pain is so severe it was making her nauseous.  After some pain meds, gravol and re-hydrating she is finally sleeping.

It's been a busy week - helped prepare a four course funeral luncheon on Monday, lots of prep work for our upcoming church bazaar Tuesday and Wednesday,  baby sitting Thursday and Friday with the 3 year old staying over night so not much sewing done but I did manage to get the "H" blocks made.

Coral reds, orange reds, blue reds - a little bit of everything.

And here are all the blocks to date playing together.

Not too bad!  Can't wait for the rest of the colours to see how it all works out.  I'll be hopping over to soscrappy later this evening to see all the work the scrap happy quilters have completed this past week.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Good-bye Sea Green, Enter Red

Well where has February gone?  I know it's a short month but this February has just flown by.  I've tried to keep up with the sea green colour and finished up my teal H blocks.

Notice there are only 6 in the upper photo but all 7 appear below.  Our guild was clearing odds and ends from the guild stash and I was lucky enough to find a sea green scrap so I could finish off the 7th H block.  I do love the way the purple and sea green blocks work together.

I belong to a fibre arts quilt group and last month we worked on little prayer flags.  I realize that most prayer flags are rectangular but I found this cute little triangular canvas banner kit and challenged the group to make a triangular flag.  I hemmed and hawed about the word to select for my flag and finally after a trying day last Wednesday it became evident that I had to remember to just "breathe".  The sea green/teal scraps I had looked like a perfect start. I love the way the variegated thread just happened to be pale red/pink at the left side of the "b" - it's almost like opening my nostrils to take in that air and breathe.  The little flags will flutter in the summer breeze just like the Prayer flags hung in Tibet.

Earlier I shared the hearts I made for the guild Community Outreach project.  At our meeting I picked up a few prepared kits and whipped these up.  Notice how many are red.  A great way to begin the new colour of the month.  I'll have to check through my red scraps and prep fabrics for my RSC projects for this year.  Of course I'll check in with Angela and see what other red scrappy goodness has been started this month.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Week Two Swimming in Sea Green

I must say, I am so enjoying the sea green colour.  It is so restful and calming - almost as good as sunning on a Caribbean beach.

What I love about participating in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is selecting projects to work on for the year and not having to think about what to pull out to do.  Last week it was Cracker blocks and this week it was the 9 patches and hour glass blocks.

The colours don't look quite right but I have joined the 12 sea green  patches and hour glass blocks.  The hour glass block colours have such a subtle difference, white and cream, but I like the pastel look they create with the sea green blocks.

Don't the purple and sea green blocks play nicely together.  The sea green in this photo is more true to the real colours.

I also worked on a block lotto challenge for my guild's Community Outreach Committee.  It was fun making the cute little houses from 10 inch squares.  The process reminded me  of a magic tiles quilt I made many years ago.  I decided to use some 10 inch batik pre-cuts I won in a draw at our guild meeting.  Making them was addictive ....

Do  you think I got carried away?

While I was at it I decided t make some from brights I had lying around.

I think it's easier to see how the four fabrics shift through all the blocks.

Now I can't let February and Valentine's Day go by without making something in red and pink.  The block of the month for the guild was the 10 inch heart block with bonus HST.

It's been a great productive week with all the little projects but I really have to do some quilting and putting quilt tops together.  That will be the focus next week along with my RSC blocks for week 3.

Happy Valentine's Day to all.  Hope your Tuesday is spent doing what you love and with someone you love.

I'll be linking up with Angela at soscrappy and checking out other sea green, teal turquoise projects.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Finishing Purple and Starting Sea Green

As January drew to a close I decided to round out the month with some happy H blocks.  There were quite a few scraps left in the red violet range and they made up some lovely H blocks.

When those were finished I headed into my green and teal scraps to find the new colour - sea green.  The pickings were slim.  Some months are like that.

This is what was left after I cut the pieces for the Cracker blocks.

I tried for a range of light to dark sea green in the Cracker Blocks.

A few fat quarters might qualify for sea green.

Notice I had to cut into one of the fat quarters to make the 10 Cracker blocks I'll need for the quilt. The remaining February blocks - 7 H blocks, 12 nine patches and 6 tumbling blocks - will probably be cut from these as only one of the truly scrappy fabrics is large enough to cut pieces for  a block.

I'll be hopping over to soscrappy to see how you finished off January and started February.

A Wild Start to April

I am trusting that Angela's choice of multicoloured fabric is not an April Fool's prank because I'm quite excited about being ab...