Saturday, 27 May 2017

Going Strong on the Greens

My life has not been my own for over a month now and I have found it difficult to find sewing time.  The Monday after Easter, my sister took the children of  a Syrian family she is helping transition into our community rock climbing at an indoor venue.  It was a day off school for the children but the parents both had to work.  Although old enough to be at home on their own, she felt it would be a long day for them and hoped to provide a morning of fun and activity for the two boys.  Well ... to make a long story short, she decided to try rock climbing too and  had a misadventure.  The two second slip down the wall, with a not too glorious landing, has resulted in serious damage to her legs.  There were no breaks but she is still not able to bear weight and has been in a wheelchair  for over a month now.  Between visits to the doctor, physiotherapy, x-rays, MRI's, nuclear bone scans, blood work, etc. etc. and doing all the laundry, cleaning, gardening, meal prep and shopping that she usually helped with I have been one very busy girl.  ( I have become quite adept at helping to transfer her from the wheelchair into the car and then folding the wheelchair and stowing it in the back seat.)

This week I did eke out some time for sewing and am almost caught up on my projects for this year's RSC.
Project two was the nine patches and hourglass blocks.

I love the bright spring like greens but felt I should throw in a little dark for some contrast.

This is turning out to look just fine. I wonder which colour will be next to join the party.

Project three is the cracker blocks. More lovely spring greens.

And here they join the mix with January to April colours.

Project four is some English Paper Piecing for tumbling blocks and I have to get those prepped for some hand stitching.  I really should have done  this first so I had some hand work to take along to all the appointments.

I previously mentioned that I was attending a guild workshop and would be working on the house blocks I won in a block lotto.  I put the rows of houses together but will be quilting them in a quilt as you go style.  Some initial quilting is complete on one row and I'll have to work hard to find time to quilt the others and join the rows.  I would love to embellish this quilt with some neighbourhood touches.  I'll see how that goes but street names such as Dots Circle, Batik Boulevard and  Bunny Hill Lane are coming to mind.  Wouldn't it be fun to put up some street signs?  And perhaps  a little landscaping.  I'll see how that goes.

I haven't checked in with RSC for a while and am looking forward to some green eye candy.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Get Going Green

A few weeks ago I participated in Bee Day with my guild.  Kits for our Community Outreach Programme were precut and all we had to do was sit and sew.  What a great day!  I put together this  flimsy - can you see the green in it?

The great thing about a Bee Day is that you get to put quilts together that you wouldn't make on your own. Hopefully when this is  quilted and bound it will provide comfort to someone in our community.

Our Guild past presidents issued a challenge to members to make completed quilts from their stash for Community Outreach.  I made the flimsy early last fall but only this past week quilted it and delivered it to our Outreach team.

If you look closely you will see some pale green squares and green  bubbles.  I know, I'm pushing it to include it in a green post.

A few weeks ago, (Week Two Swimming in Sea Green) I shared some wonky houses I had made for the block of the month challenge.  The committee selected enough of the wonky houses to make a quilt for a draw and I won!  As you read this post I'll be busy stitching the wonky houses together to make a quilt at our Past Presidents' Day workshop.  I'll share what I accomplish next week.

I did make some green blocks for one of my RSC projects.  Here are my green H blocks.  My sister figures it should be her quilt because she sees I's and H's in the blocks ( her initials).

And here's how all the  blocks work together so far.

I'll be checking in with soscrappy to see what green goodness you've created after my workshop.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

The Greening of May

I was thrilled to read a few days ago that May's RSC colour would be green.  I thought perfect.

My whole world is turning such wonderful shades of green thanks to the steady rain we've had over the past three days.  Just look at all the beautiful greens from the gray-green of the utility box to the various leafy shades to the grass.  It's such a beautiful colour - the colour of life in spring.

Even the blossoms on the burro's tail are green.

So I dove into my green bin and look what I found:

Not nearly as rich as the green found in nature but I think I can find some green to work with this month.  I'm amazed at how many yellowy-greens I have.  And look at that gray-green in the bottom right corner.  Some will probably not make it into my projects but it was fun digging them out.  I'll hopefully have time  to do some planning of my 4  project blocks this afternoon and maybe a bit of sewing.  First I've got to finish quilting my Community Outreach quilt.  But now let's check in with Angela and see what scrappy green goodness is going on.

Friday, 28 April 2017

Mad Dash to finish Multi colour blocks

April has been busy with little time to sew or blog but between events I squeezed in a few minutes to work on my RSC projects for this year.

I did finish up my nine patches but have a few more hourglass blocks  to finish up.
They're pretty stripey looking but definitely multi coloured.

And I prepped my tumbling blocks...

It was a sunny day so pardon the shadows in the photo.  

A quilting friend agreed to do a little workshop for a group I belong to.  We spent a fun day one Friday working on water.  I managed to finish my little effort - it measures 6 inches by almost 12 inches.

And finally I finished up the cracker blocks.

Aren't they bright and colourful?  

I'll be linking up with Angela at soscrappy and finding out what others have accomplished.

Friday, 31 March 2017

A Wild Start to April

I am trusting that Angela's choice of multicoloured fabric is not an April Fool's prank because I'm quite excited about being able to use some of the multicoloured scraps I have lying around.  But before I get into April, here's how I finished up March's red.

I finished up the seagreen blocks and three of the red blocks (the final two are just placed but not stitched.)  I don't know what I will do for multicoloured, perhaps some stripes where each block will end up being quite different. I can't use anything with a black background or the illusion of tumbling  blocks  won't work.

Here's the first multicoloured scrap I selected.  The fabric was used for borders in a child's quilt and there was a small section left over.  Don't you just love these wild kitties?

These will definitely add a fun punch to the H-blocks.  Take a look.

Linking up with Angela at soscrappy and looking forward to seeing what multicoloured scraps you've taken out to play.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Week Four in Red

A busy week so very little sewing going on.  I managed to finish the Cracker Blocks in red.

It was a tough go finding enough variety in the red.  There is little as I only found 4 different scrappy bits with enough fabric to make the blocks.  I think they will play well with the other blocks.

One  of the red fabrics has a bit of purple and one of the green cracker blocks has a touch of red.  The photo is a little heavy on the red but you get the idea of how the three colours will work together. Wonder what colour is coming up in April.  I wouldn't mind a sunny yellow.  It would sure help to lift the spirits considering the rainy days we're having.  

Linking in to soscrappy and stopping by to see what others have completed this week.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Fun with Red

Just look at what I woke up to this morning.  It's the end  of March Break and this is so typical of the type of surprise we can expect.  During my years of teaching, whenever I planned a getaway for March Break I could count on a snow storm as I was leaving or on my return.  .2017 hasn't disappointed even though I'm retired I still worry about the poor folks trying to get away or return on time.  Today is a perfect day to just stay inside and keep on sewing.

This week I feel so much better about what I've accomplished.  I started with these little nine patches;

then added the hourglass blocks.

I just had to see how they would all work together with the previous two month's colours.

Now I had a mess of scraps on my cutting table from some previous projects and rather than sorting them into their bins I decided to sew up some Little Monkeys.

Notice the red and white and teal and white - these were left over from the 9 patches and put to good use in the Little Monkeys.  

There were still a few bits left over so I made this little improv piece too.

I'm working on some beading on this piece and will share the final results.  This little piece just says, "Joy" to me.  

And now I'll be hopping over to soscrappy to see what red gems others have created this week.

Going Strong on the Greens

My life has not been my own for over a month now and I have found it difficult to find sewing time.  The Monday after Easter, my sister took...