Saturday, 8 July 2017

Blue Skies shining on me

Since the blue colour was announced for July we've had beautiful blue skies up our way.  It's been wonderful working in the garden, dining outdoors and taking an evening stroll.

My goal has been to finish the 2015 Row by Row blocks and I am happy to say another one has made the design wall.  This is a cute little beach scene that proved to be quite popular with Row by Row enthusiasts.  So here it is cool sands, blue water and fair skies.

This is a 9.5 by 36.5 row that will join the others in a quilt or stand alone as a wall hanging.  

Three of  my RSC projects were prepped early in the week and one was crossed off the list. 

The blue Cracker blocks came together nicely.

Linking in with Soscrappy and looking forward to see what  other RSC work has been completed in beautiful cool blues.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

The last of the yellow

I must thank two fellow bloggers for their inspiration to finishing off the week with yellow.  Last week Kathy posted her little sprouts and shared the link.  I followed and used up a few of my 2.5 inch squares.  I think I must have been anticipating blue for July.  Love the little pops  of blue in some of the scraps.  This may just be the start of something.  They were fun and quick to make .

The second blogger, also a Cathy at Cathy's Crazy by Design, suggested making the pineapple.  It used up 1.5 inch bits and I may just make a few more for a sunny tablerunner.

These two blocks round out my yellow work and as I said I must have been anticipating blue because I pulled out this Row by Row Experience project from 2 years ago and started to put  it together.  The theme two years ago was Water.  Just love this cascading waterfall.

My last little project is one I picked up on this year's Row by Row Experience. A skinny little runner with the cutest message.

And now I'm off to celebrate Canada Day 150.  Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadian bloggers.  Don't let the showers stop you from celebrating Canada's 150th birthday.

Hopping over to Soscrappy later today to see how everyone else wrapped up Yellow.  

Friday, 23 June 2017

Wrapping up the Yellow

I can't believe I've got all the yellow projects finished with a few days to spare.  Usually I'm scrambling on the last day and there have been months where the English paper piecing didn't get finished but this month not only did I finish the yellow but I also finished the multi coloured and green English paper pieced tumbling  blocks.  

A few monkeys got finished  up this week too; I'm now at 42 little monkeys hanging out on the design wall.  These little blocks are so bright and colourful; they just make me smile.  Linking up with Soscrappy and the rainbow scrap challenge.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Monkeying Around

Well my iris finally opened up and she's a beauty. (Pardon the weeds in the photo, I was waiting for another bag of mulch to be delivered before getting rid of all the weeds in this part of the garden.)

Within two days, the rest of the buds on this iris and the others also were open.  They added a lovely sunny touch to this corner of the garden.

Now on to quilty things.  The nine patch/hourglass combinations are finished in yellow.

I used up a few 1.5 inch strips to make these but had to cut into a bigger scrap to finish the required12 blocks for the quilt I plan to make.

And then it was time to let the monkeys loose again.  I am having too much fun playing around with the possibilities.  I discovered a bin full of strips tucked in a corner last week and took time on Monday to cut them into either the 2.5 or 1.5 inch strips.  I now have so much to choose from but one thing remains constant - that yellow centre square.

The dotty green fabric just makes me smile.

On Wednesday a group of quilty friends and I went to CQA and I'd like to share a few scrappy quilts with you.
Slab triangles put together to create this interesting design.

This Colour Wheel piece was so interesting.  The centre section was completed like Celtic Knots.

And how is this for scrappy.  I liked the use of neutral grey sashing and white in the blocks.

Now this one  took some thought to get the transition blocks just right.

By the way, thought you might to like to see Best in Show -------

The embroidery, bead work and other embellishment on this piece was incredible.  

That's all from me this week. Hopping over to visit with scrappy quilters over at Angela's blog link up

Sunday, 11 June 2017

English Paper Piecing

What do you do when it's too hot to do much of anything on a hot, humid Sunday afternoon?  Pull out the English Paper pieced tumbling blocks and find a quiet spot  in the shade.

Oh my,  I really do have to get in for a manicure next week.

Multicoloured blocks are pieced, now on to the green and yellow.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Glorious Sunshine Days

It always amazes me how much more energy I seem to have when the clouds clear and the sun comes out.  What a wonderful week.  I managed to find time every day to do some stitching or at least some playing with fabric in organizing the pile of scraps (I think some of your posts have inspired me).
Not knowing how the week was going to shape  up I thought I'd better at least get the H-blocks completed.

Check.  Got that done.  Now I love to always play with the blocks as they are complete so next up was seeing how the yellow helped the overall effort.

Looking just fine.  

I always seem to have a pile of scraps on the cutting table and rather than cleaning them up into the proper bins, the Little Monkeys appeared.  The first group of Little Monkeys materialized with the HST dark side in the corners and the white  next to the centre yellow square.  I thought I'd try these opposite so the corners are light and the colour is next to the centre yellow square.  (Notice the yellow left over from the H-blocks got used up right away as light corners.  Most of the centre strips are left over from the nine patch blocks in each colour we've used to date.  This is such a wonderful little block to make to clean up all the bits left over from 3 of my RSC projects this year.)

Now look what happens when they play with the first Little Monkeys.

The centre strip in each block now has an interesting white-colour strip running through it and the hourglasses formed where the corners meet have a light-dark pattern created.  I like this look and have to make sure I keep track of numbers in each variation. 

I found a bin of fabric scraps that was forgotten in the corner of the shelf and pulled all of the 1 1/2"  and 2 1/2 " scraps or pieces that could be cut to this size without losing too much fabric and pressed them.  Now all that's left is to cut them to size, pair them up, and cut the HST units using the Easy Angle ruler and produce more Little Monkeys.   

Linking up with soscrappy and looking forward to seeing what you've been busy with this week.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Bring on the Sun

Well, it seemed like Angela's post about June being yellow brought on the the sunshine for us.  After days of cloud covered skies with many thunderstorms and torrential rains, the June is Yellow post cleared the clouds and it's been glorious.  There's something about sunshine that makes you want to get outside and get moving.  I've spread the mulch and even got some yellow work done inside.

The yellow and green (May's colour) for my EPP tumbling blocks are all prepped and ready to sew.  And .... I even managed to piece the cracker blocks in yellow.

Every shade from lemon to butterscotch in this lot.

For those who are wondering, my sister saw the orthopedic surgeon on Friday.  He suspects there were hairline fractures in her knees and possibly on her shins but after 7 weeks they are healing and she should just keep up with the physio and that was it.  My sister is so frustrated with everything.  It seems if  there is an evident break it is easy to diagnose and handle but if it isn't, good luck.  The good news is she was up on crutches and walked into her appointment on Friday - she was slow but made it into the office.  At this point I was so happy not to have to lug the wheelchair in and out of the car for her.  Who knows she may be driving again soon and then what will  I do when she has appointments?  Ah, I know, more sewing time.  What have you done this past week?  Checking in with so scrappy to see.

Blue Skies shining on me

Since the blue colour was announced for July we've had beautiful blue skies up our way.  It's been wonderful working in the garden, ...